‘I now realise how much I miss reading. I cannot stop myself from starting this book. Crisp writing- Multi faceted topics- Peak into writers’ life through her words. Baat niklegi toh Phir door talak jayegi - she quotes Jagjit Singh in her book

– RICHA SINGH, Founder, TheBlogchatter

'In the Middle of the book, I had this impression, that I am reading one of Ruskin Bond’s short novellas. It is the author’s fine command over the language and emotions via which micro poems are narrated. The book opened a whole new format and style of writing for me, which is very carefully layered' 


'I loved the fact that you went without any boundaries to pen down those poems. One must never hold themselves when it comes down to expressing what they feel or what they have in mind' 

– NIKHIL WAD, Digital Marketer

'She is an expert of micro-poems. I think the best part of reading is that you don’t need any reason to do it as there is no loss in doing it. People who like her will definitely read and those who on the opposite side will also read so as to know about it, considering it as a part of a competition' 

- UBAID-UR-RAHMAN, Software Engineer

‘The writer’s duty according to me is to deliver the platform on which the reader can dance on their own! I'm glad to say that content of every book written by Romila are so lively which she has successfully compiled it. Every word of her is deep and it resonates when you open and seek the depth. The words work wonder and as a layman, I can confess that she has taken her work to the next big level’

‘Her work has intelligence, philosophical outlook and a subtle rhythm, it makes it nothing less than compelling and a delightful read. Her books are delightful read for sure and depict humour with a tinge of reality. Different perspectives and thoughts are omnipresent in every book of hers’


‘Her books make for a good read and many make us ponder their deep meaning. Reflecting and reading it took me some time to read her works. I usually never re-read what I have once read so I took my time to mull over and imbibe her books on poetry or fiction. The layers and emotions make for another successful book from her. She is a perfect motivator for newbie writers’

- INDERPREET KAUR UPPAL, Blogger-Editor-Author 

'She writes with with such beauty and grace. it made me think and connect with the stories. Thank you for a wonderful reading experience’

- AMBUJ SINGH, CEO, TheStories.In

'Romila gives you a clear picture of what writing means to a writer. Ma'am never ceases to amaze me as a writer. She is an inspiration I look upto. I will keep going back to her words in her books when I find myself even close to writers block'. 


"Romila! As name suggests, she is full of life, and a romantic soul. She is one person I adore most. Not only she is talented but polite too. Always ready to help and boost moral for those seeking it! The way she writes is just amazing, for me as a reader gets immerse in her writings! If one doesn't know her, she is just a girl If one doesn't know her, she is just a girl next door with a mix of positivity and creativity!"


"You are a person equipped with an innovative mind and unique thought process. Furthermore, I admire your style of writing and the ideas you put forth for the growth of the writing community"

- DEVYANI SHARDA, Software Engineer

"Romila, you're one of the most inspiring and encouraging reader with whom we're associated since a year and it is amazing that you are always the best reviewer of the month and we're proud to have you our Bookish community!"

- BOOKTASTERS, Book Club, Egypt

"Romila, you have a wonderful screen presence. It is so captivating and makes the viewers want to listen more"

- TINA SEQUIRA, Blogger/Author 

"With decades of writing experience but even after that also you treat and guide new writers with right attitude. You don't insult them. You seriously know how to keep up with people and how to be a right mentor. New writers can learn a lot from Dr. Romila. Her words are purely inspirational - She laughs her heart out & can never let anyone be sad at any moment.

She is a super successful person I've come across and she definitely knows how to carry herself and her attitude and that is the best thing about her"

-NEHA SIDDHWANI, Content Writer

"I have only known Romila for a short time, but within that time period I have learned that she is very innovative and effective in her approach to running her page and challenges. I have enjoyed numerous poems that she has written and her inclusiveness in her writing also extends to those that follow her. She is very tenacious and professional. I have noticed that her works are well thought out and organised. She runs a tight ship as they say. I, personally, appreciate that she takes the time to thoroughly explain the objectives in her competitions. She is definitely a team player"


"Romila Madam beautifully pens down her thoughts which I could relate to and love the way she detailedly explains about what she writes and it is really amazing and motivational."


“Pink Sparkles by Romila is a perfect example of emotions, thoughts and the power of love and hate both, it also depicted real strength and courage of a girl. Totally loved it. The author has written about various elements here in but the main element is the emotional touch of each of the poems, acronyms, motivations and One can feel and relate to every sayings contained in this book. From love to pain, from choices to battles, from dreams to gratitude and many more. The author has also written about the love for books in it and also mentioned how to overcome fears and accept oneself despite the faults and scars one possess.The simple choice of words and the way how she described those poems are very endearing and connecting in our daily life. Each of us goes through some phases in our life and everybody has their own purpose of living, this book covers overall every bit of it. Some of the poems are very short but very deep in nature, it will directly connect to your heart and you can feel the sorrow or happiness while reading it.”

- TWISHA RAY, Software Engineer

“I have known Romila for more than 6 months and have been following her work since then. “Pink Sparkles, Collection of Poems” written by her is an amazing book; it includes thought-provoking poems which gives a deeper understanding about lot of topics. Each poem reflects her extensive experience and knowledge. The topics revolve around immense emotions that we human beings posses. Honestly, I am mesmerised by her wisdom and inspired by her. I would like to mention some of poems that are my favourite which touched me:

Our destiny

If I had wings


Poetry and me

Dear Paris

Coffee and life

Untold stories

Every poem is special in its own way but the above mentioned escaped me from this world and took me to another world where I could relate with every word written by Romila. Reading Pink Sparkles was a bliss to soul”.

-SMRITI MALHOTRA, Entrepreneur 

"Ma'am, You are such an inspiration. I am proud to know you. I read your stories and articles. Although I don't read much but you compelled me to read your work"

- SHANAYA SHUKLA, Founder, Literary Voice Magazine 

Romila’s “Between The Pages and other short stories” was supposed to be my light reading during my vacation travel but it engrossed me so much that I finished it within 3 sittings! She has poured her heart into the grasping stories on variety of topics; ranging from suicidal thoughts of a successful girl who appears tough; to the question of why God allows terrorist attacks to succeed? Romila describes her characters vividly yet leaves some questions unanswered for the readers to ponder...like Why Suzanne was so depressed to take the extreme step? Overall, very interesting stories that I would like to recommend you!